image of visor with strap pulling offPersonalize your look with interchangeable bands — it’s easy! Whether you’re boating, golfing, playing tennis or at the beach, you can now wear visors that match and coordinate with your clothing – without the expense of buying multiple visors! With Visor Versa®, all you need to do is change out the band on the visor to a different color, pattern or style.

Wide Brim Coil Cord in black and white onlyVisor Versa® has 2 visor styles – Wide-brim Coil-cord in black & white only and Coil-cord in 7 standard colors plus 4 new bright colors. Interchangeable Bands fit both styles and are available in hundreds of colors and patterns.

  • Stripes, checks, dots, flowers, animal and novelty prints. Ribbons for any occasion or theme!
  • Holiday prints
  • Customize for events, weddings or tournaments

Get started with the Visor Versa package – choose one visor color and 2 bands to match for $30!